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The security contractors that were seized in southern Iraq earlier in the week were members of the Chevy Avalanche Fan Club of North America. One of the vehicles involved in the incident actually had pictures in a thread in the Car & Driver's section that they shared. Several members have personally met these men - they are all great guys doing a dangerous job.

The love the 2500 series Avalanches they have pressed into conovy support duty. They've been heavily up armored and the 8.1L V-8 and suspension can take the added weight of the 1" plate. A 50 caliber machine gun is mounted on a chair mount in the bed, the gunner is fully exposed out there but they make for a formidable private security vehicle. The one vehicle that we know was involved has seen a fair amount of action - the pictures show a number of bullet holes in the cladding and sheet metal. I hope there is a happy ending in this story, but so many of these situations turn bad.

Here is the link in Car & Driver to the combat Avalanches...

Here are some pics:

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Prayers and wishes to them. Thank you Milligram, I wasn't aware of this.

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