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Yesterday I was off work to do errands around my parents' finances; school also got cancelled due to road conditions.

Mid-morning, I took the oldest to the drug screening place - his new job requires it for employment, and a parent had to be there to sign a waiver. Make hay, and all that - figured we'd use our sudden work-day availability to get the task done.

He mentions going ahead and buying the uniform components he needed on our way home.

Me {unthinking}: let's just wait until the results come back clean.



Him: What? <head tilt>

Me: Oh. Yes. I see.

Him: What kind of people do you hang out with, Mom?!

My Cast of Characters is apparently a little more interesting than my children know.


a la tconi: peace and 30-day detoxes
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Wow. :)
You don't know me but I have been reading the Motley Fool boards since their inception, mostly LBYM for the first few years, and can remember when your son was born! Time flies...
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