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Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway announced today she will retire from the bench Jan. 21 after the Judicial Tenure Commission filed a formal complaint calling for her immediate suspension from the bench for alleged “blatant and brazen violations” of judicial conduct rules the commission said were “unprecedented in Michigan judicial disciplinary history.”

Among the charges in the complaint is that Hathaway submitted false answers to the Judicial Tenure Commission during its recent investigation of private real estate transactions by Hathaway which are the subject of an FBI investigation.

The complaint gives the most detailed account to date of alleged efforts by Hathaway and her husband, attorney Michael Kingsley, to misrepresent their net worth so they could qualify for a short sale on their home in Grosse Pointe Park.

And now for the quiz: What party does Justice Hathaway belong to? You will be graded on a curve.

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It's not that fleg stopped posting about politics, it's just that he's very, very selective now <g>.

Welcome back Patriot Fleg, pick up a cudgel, you're already dirty.
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