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WOOO-HOOO!! I've been waiting for this board to attract some interest. I love the idea of not limiting (geographically) the scope of our discussions. Personally, I have been splitting my time between Atlanta and N.O., so I don't wanna be counted out. I hope you guys will keep any "get-togethers" electronic, at least for now. And I love the fact that no one here seems to be any kind of a self-proclaimed expert, so we DON'T need to worry about embarassing ourselves with our questions and comments. All folks should feel free to chime in.

So, let me give a brief introduction to myself. I have been investing in mutual funds for about 11 years, and in individual stocks for the past three years. Here are most of the stocks I own: AMGN, MSFT, NOK, CMGI, JDSU, CSCO, SCH, GPS, PFE, HD and the foolish four (GM, JPM, CAT). I also have several mutual funds that were purchased in my Pre-Fool days. My initial investment in any stock is only $2000, so I'm not a big money investor - Gordon Gecko I'm not. Also, I am right in the middle of reading The Gorilla Game, and I have found it to be quite enlightening. If any of you have read it - or are interested in it, please throw out some comments.

Obviously, I tend to lean more towards the tech sector, but I'm interested in all GREAT companies, regardless if they sell fiber-optics or Pop-tarts. So... let's hear from you guys! What are you all interested in? And what do ya think of the recent slump in tech? Is this a yard-sale full of bargains - or discounted junk?

Let the good times roll...

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You asked, "Is this a yard-sale full
of bargains - or discounted junk?"


"Let the good times roll..."


I'll drop a note to my broker and ask him for ideas and comments. Please don't anyone be bashful about not knowing something. I'm not even smart enough to know what questions to ask???

I hav talk on Dr. Boudreaux on de electric telephone and he tell me to take Gingko wit Viagra. Den maybe I will remember what the ---- I am doing!
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