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Sorry folks, if Germany and Netherlands can't keep COVID in check as the seasons turn, US / (at least seasonally cold states) are likely to have another big Delta wave.
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I think everyone either got vaccinated or got it.

The unvaccinated are winding up in hospitals. Their choice.

I am moving on. Think the rest of US will, too.
Unless we get a true Ebola/zombie mutation, I don't think either party, nor the population, has any stomach for more lockdowns.

We are learning to live with masks at the gym or in trips to the store, or with our kids wearing them at school. But I don't think the public will accept more than that.

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Yes it will never be like last year lockdowns again. Vaccines have changed the risk equation for people who are cautious (like me) and anyway its politically a non-starter in red and blue communities alike.

Masked schools have been working out pretty darn well. We get weekly reports from schools on cases found during random testing. It went like 3,1,3,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1,Halloween,5. So we will see if this is a blip or an outbreak. Our schools are doing what I think of as 'dry runs' of Zoom classes this Friday after the holiday and Mon/Tues before Thanksgiving. I am thinking they may do that the first week 'back' after winter break to let any holiday-caught virus to burn out before they hopefully resume in-person in earnest.

My herd is pretty well vaccinated but I know there are holdouts and Biden's federal/contractor mandate is having an effect. My office just got notice and I know that has influenced some laggards to get vaccinated. 8/10 of my 5-11 year old kid playmates got first shots last week, (3% of 5-11 nationwide). So maybe we'll have an 80% vaccinated bubble, which means I know there are plenty of mini-herds with very little protection so they will continue to be vulnerable.

All Pfizer-vaccinated adults will soon be eligible for their 3rd shot. Hopefully that completes the series but it may be an annual booster. If it is taken up well, boosters will help the national situation. My twitter feed seems to have a lot of vaccinated people who tried to do something normal and contracted breakthrough cases.
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