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Shoot a camel, get a carbon credit!

From Climate Realists:

You can't make this up :) An Australian company just sought (but failed) to get approval for a carbon credit plan, killing hundreds of thousands of Australia's 750,000 camels from helicopters. Because of the camels' belching and farting, they emit methane, and if shot, they would reduce Australia's greenhouse gas emissions.

It is a good thing these people are trying to save the planet - can you imagine if they were trying to destroy it?

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I"m sure AL Gore likely has the lock on this method of reducing carbon output.......for his 10% commission on carbon credit sales.

What is 'crackpot' about this? IF it really reduces methane and CO2 output and you kill off 500,000 ARE reducing methane and CO2 output.

Why would you not want to do that?

Why would you not want to 'save the planet'?

The eco-loons in CA have already proposed special 'apparatus' to catch and capture the methane releases from cows in this country and have called for the elimination of meat in diets since they belch methane.....

You eco-libs can't have it both ways!

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