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A post on the woodworking board about diving for materials:

I hope that wasn't previously posted here.
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Speaking of dumpster diving for wood, that's what my MIL does. She has a relatively small residence, about 1000sf, that she heats with a wood stove. There's a shed-building company not too far from her house. She stops by periodically to clear the scrap 2x4's & 2x6's from the dumpster. This is perfectly fine with the company - they put the dumpster where the locals can access it, even after hours. There's even a bit of competition over the wood. A few locals show up with their pickup trucks & will haul full loads away so sometimes she comes up empty-handed when she stops by.

Nevertheless, she's able to stock up enough wood to heat her Northeast residence for the winter. We supplement it with a bit of hardwood treefall from her property that we cut up & split for her. The kiln-dried pine makes a good fire but burns a bit too briskly to last thru the night.

Between deadfall & dumpster pickin's she gets free heat. We get a free workout splitting wood :).

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I've dived into a lot of home builder dumpster for wood. At my previous house, I built a storage loft in the garage out of the lumber from the builder's dumpsters.

original TMF dumpsterdiver
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When salvaging wood for burning, be sure not to burn the older treated stuff, Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) stuff (which is green tinged wood and looks like the new safer ACQ - Ammoniacial Copper Quaternary wood)

A little info on why CCA is BAD -

Also, don't burn poison ivy, poison oak or other noxious plant in your chiminea....BAD
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