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Although I understand the business logic guiding The Motley Fool, TMF has done very little to improve their boards since ... well, 2000. Eighteen plus years of benign and not-so-benign neglect. For many years, this was probably a good idea. Other options emerged but the Fool boards still attracted many worthwhile participants. Bully for the Fool for squeezing out so much from the boards with a few plug nickels of incremental capital.

But the editing and search tools are just too lackluster in 2019. I want to add attachments. Share videos. Use a forum designed for high speed internet, not dial-up.

Other options like MicroCapClub or Slack groups or FinTwit are so much better. I feel like a schmuck using these Ye Olde Boards when so many other superior alternatives exist; at some point my Fool board utilization is nostalgia-driven and habit rather than an intelligent choice.

The Fool boards have turned into miniature forums with one or two or three dedicated posters per board. This doesn't work. This level of participation is better suited for private exchanges not public online boards.

Also, it's a good time to wind down this Stereo8 board as alts shift to C-Corps and FRE emphasis and deemphasize some of their weird, unique attributes.

So it's time to say goodbye to the Fool. I'm sure this is going to be a long goodbye, I'm not cutting it out cold turkey. But I've already shifted away from the Fool; I'm not going to check the boards daily anymore. Then I won't check weekly ... monthly ... the end.

Loved it here but the landlord hasn't done the required maintenance. It shows. Time to pack up my stuff and go.


P.S. I've enjoyed posting and interacting immensely on this board and on many other Fool boards.

In some ways, I grew up (as an investor) on the boards. And as a person. Started posting before I got married with modest capital. Now I'm older, richer, married and with kids. My happiness and success is partly due to the relationships cultivated on this website.

Wish I could bid adieu to posters and participants no longer active on the Fool but who influenced me greatly. Many of them are wonderful people I never got to thank personally.

Godspeed and happy investing to each and every one of you. May you be rich in the ways that really matter.
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I'd definitely agree with the search function. And it would probably be nice to be able to edit the original post.

In my experience (I have an engineering degree and have done a lot of computer related work) often simplicity is best. Allowing attachments can open up a can of worms (do they have malware) and videos/photos can also be problematic due to people abusing it (nudity, violence, excessively large images, etc.).

I tend to be on the "older" boards like Bogleheads, another one that doesn't allow much of what you are asking for (although their search is good and you can edit posts) and a sports one that is also rather primitive.

I'm not saying you can't do those things but I'm not sure if it is worth the cost to upgrade these boards.

Anyhow good luck and thanks for the posts you have made. I'm usually a lurker since I'm not in the business.

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