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Can anyone tell me how CYCH stands against Verisign? I remember reading something suggesting that CYCH provides services for Verisign, is this true?

Also, will the Verisign and NSI merger have any effect on CYCH? Are there any expansion plans on the table for CYCH in the near future?

Where can I find a business plan for this company?
Any info will help.
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As a follow-on question:
Who does CYCH see as its competitors?

Foolish thanks!
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Verisign is the defacto standard for secure credit card transmissions from web pages. They have recently added Signio, a credit card payment processor like CYCH, although with far, far fewer customers actually using the Signio product.

Cybercash is the defacto standard online credit card processor. I say this based on the fact that they have the most merchants and are growing faster than any other one.

Also, my experience in the web business is that almost always the client uses Verisign and Cybercash together to enable e-commerce. So, even though there is no formal partnership that I know of, I see them together more than any other combo.....
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