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i'd like other people's opinion on this subject, please! is this a good thing or not? i recently bought 23 shares (yesterday) and i do believe in this company.

what are your thoughts? this company is not talked about very much on these boards even though it was considered a best buy just last month.


barista dottie
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Hi there,

Generally a split should be considered a non-event by someone who believes in a company and plans to hold for a while. It doesn't affect the value of the company itself or the value of your shares - you just get twice as many shares after the split is done, each share worth half of what it used to be worth. Sometimes a split will cause a short-term run-up in the stock price as some investors might think the stock is now "cheaper" but in reality this is not the case.

Last year, I personally bought a small amount of DASTY in addition to a basket of a few additive manufacturing stocks (DDD, Stratasys, Protolabs). Collectively, these 4 stocks account for about 2% of my port total.

I like DASTY and plan to hold for a while. This industry is going to be volatile for a while but long-term you have to like the prospects.


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"Bovinecheese" explained the split issue very well so on that subject I have nothing to add.
DASTY is a Stock Advisor recommendation, multiple times, I believe. David Gardner seems to like the company, that says something.
I have owned the company for a long time, and it has doublet since my original purchase.
It is a leading edge company in all areas of it's businesses and is well managed. In the european tradition management do not do a lot of talking, so you won't hear much clutter from Dassult Systeme. Also, it is a pink sheet company, so they do not have the same disclosure rules as companies traded on the larger exchanges.
As long as the current management is present I expect the company to continue it's growth intelligently, organic and by acquisitions.
For me its a hold for the forseable future.

Fool on.
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