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I am Mike Dorsey and I am from Bethesda. You guys are just a “few minutes” down the beltway.

I live now in High Point, NC. I am a stay home dad. I could use your support with helping me stay on the successful course of being a new trader. I have a long way to go to see my margin break even.

I think Databricks is an IPO we must watch for. A great investment in an amazing company that focuses both on cloud and AI!

Thank you.
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It looks like Gartner places databricks in the leadership category of their data science / machine learning magic quadrant --

We aren't traders. Hopefully you are interested in investing.

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Welcome, Mike. The Motley Fool embraces long term buy-and-hold investing in companies with horizon of 3-5 years (or longer), not 3-5 days, weeks or months. While there are some here who do enjoy day trading, it is not the Foolish way that TMF has been successfully practicing for the last 25 years.

Who notes there are plenty of resources on the website if that is the type of support you are willing to accept...

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