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Saw the latest earnings report for the barn. Checked them out on web. Good balance sheet. Took my wife and dropped in on a sleepy sunday (overcast weather) about noon. Small store fairly busy-and people were buying including my wife. Talked to manager (who's been there for seven yrs) and she said competition going south (eg Hit-or-Miss) because they made style mistakes such as pushing bell bottomms. Called the company and asked for the Foolish financial packet, and asked a few questions regarding growth prospects.

Anybody else got anything to add?
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I too checked the Dress Barn out about a month ago,
in fact the week that I was looking at it from a financial point of view, my wife and her mom bought several items at a regional outlet mall.

I asked both of them what they thought about the
Barn, their reply was, "alot of bang for the buck".
I am sure your thrilled with my input, but really
don't know too much about the BArn, except that
lately they seem to be hot, both financially and
with the ladies. Also know that they are out of the
Southwest and have about 750 stores, growing at a
rate of 12% per year, consistantly.

I follow Zacks on the internet and it is a Buy with them ...
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As a female consumer, the Dress Barn is my absolute first choice for "career wear" that's (at last!) affordable. Er, a GREAT value.

After my shopping trip yesterday, the stock ought to be going straight up!

Wish we had a local store (I drove more than 3 hours in a blizzard to get there.) My sister-in-law will drive more than an hour to get there, too. Neither of us cares for the "women's" stores in our local mall.

Liked their numbers; bought their stock last month. I, too, am encouraged by the increase in same-store sales plus plans for building more stores (read about that in their annual report, available at

Can't see a "down side" to this one.

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I just read about Dress Barn in Better Investing and the article and your posting, Nell, have me interested.
Please tell me more about your trip to their store. What had you heard about this store that made you drive through a blizzard to get to it?

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I had been to this huge outlet mall twice before: Tanger, in Williamsburg, Iowa. Visited the Dress Barn both times and always picked up a few bargains. Flash forward to present-day. I'm an office manager in a dental practice and haven't been able to get out to buy "career wear" for several years now. I finally scheduled a vacation day and remembered Dress Barn! I believe that I might have also recently read about it in Better Investing (could be what made me remember the store).

The weather was LOUSY (winter storm advisories all day; we must have seen 60 vehicles in the ditches, all told. Very scary travel conditions!) The store was all that I remembered and more. GREAT selections, and affordable as always, but they also had an anniversary sale going on (50th?!) and I saved an additional 10% by opening a charge account that day.

My HUSBAND (who is the clothes horse in the family) loved the clothing combinations we were putting together - and I'm getting compliments every day at work, too. I loved the savings. We saved about $450 - meaning that the original total would have been around $1300. I've never dropped that much on clothing in one day. NEVER.

After visiting the Dress Barn first, we really didn't need much more at the rest of the Outlet Mall (well, the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory beckoned....) but we poked our noses in Liz Claiborne (still overpriced stuff!) and many others.

I've requested their mail order catalog from their website and will be buying more. The ladies at work want to know how to find this place. We cannot STAND the limited choices locally at Fashion Bug, and J.C. Penney is more casual clothing, while Bergner's is overpriced even during their big sales events! And who wants to show up at their office wearing the items everybody sees while "grocery" shopping at Super Wal-Mart? I will no doubt still pick up items occasionally through the Chadwick's mail order catalog, but for the backbone of my wardrobe, for now it's DRESS BARN.


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