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I don't normally post to this board, but do lurk more than one might think.

I did contribute to last year's project, and was looking forward to this year's endeavor when education and literacy were being considered.

If I may offer my humble observation, there are alot of Elves out there who are getting all enthusiastic about this project!

That is tremendous!

However, I feel we have lost our focus re:education/literacy.

During normal business hours, I lurk from work. Please don't tell my employer. If you do, I may be next year's project! Anyway, Jeff posted this afternoon:"They don't need backpacks!"

My suggestion is this: Jeff, talk to that person from the school you have been in contact with, and ask about their needs re: education/literacy.

Sports equipment is fine, but I know there are some fellow Fools who are more interested in the education/literacy side of the issue.

All the suggestions from you fellow Elves have great merit, I am not down playing that. I am just trying to re-focus the group on the needs of Morgantown, as stated by Uncle Jeffy.

Jeff, I would imagine that you are overwhelmed with the response you have been getting. Sorry I can not be of more assistance from this end, but like you, I am balancing a full time job also.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, and our fellow Elves.

May God bless each and all of us!

ez3 - an Elf from Montana

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RE: ez3: "Sports equipment is fine, but I know there are some fellow Fools who are more interested in the education/literacy side of the issue."

I guess anything to do with schooling can be promoted as an education or literacy issue, but the problem with doing anything on such short notice, via such an indirect medium as emails and discussion boards, is that there just isn't enough time to get too specific, and anything effort undertaken in the right spirit will produce good results.

(ie: I'm sure that if end up with "too many" backpacks a neighboring school district would gratefully accept any "surplus")

I'm still waiting to hear back from Leapfrog, Inc., (and I'm either a little disappointed it's taking them so long, or encouraged that they might be considering participating), since my personal preference would be the donation of some their educational products to the school either for classroom use of library availability.

If this doesn't work out, I can always just make a cash donation, and suggest that anyone else who's conflicted about how to help just consider doing the same.

SB (cash might be a rather "cold" gift, but it's never refused)
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