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A few days ago I needed to buy cat litter. Purina's "Tidy Cats" brand was on sale, and cheaper than the generic I usually buy.

But they had three different varieties, each of which seemed to have desirable attributes. I strongly suspect that all three are exactly the same, but for clarification, I sent this message to them through their website:

Dear Purina:

Your website describes 3 kinds of TIDY CATS® non-clumping cat litter:

• Breathe Easy "Inhibits growth of bacterial odors on litter."

• 24/7 Performance offers an "Extended release deodorizing system" and "Great absorbtion - powerful odor control."

• Instant Action has a "Fast acting moisture-activated odor control system" and "Neutralizes ammonia odor."

Don't you offer a single litter with all of these attributes? Why should I have to choose between inhibiting bacterial growth and neutralizing ammonia odor?

I look forward to your reply.

Very Truly Yours,

Steven Klein
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