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Another report on Tea-Bag crazy conservatives.

Holly Solomon, 28, chased her 36-year-old husband Daniel Solomon with the family Jeep SUV on Saturday night over a political argument stemming from the fact he didn't vote, CBS station KPHO in Phoenix, Ariz. reported. She pinned him between the underside of the SUV and the curb when he tried to run for help.

The husband told investigators that Solomon believed her family was going to face hardship from President Barack Obama's re-election.

Witnesses told police that Solomon followed her husband in her car through a parking lot while screaming at him. He hid behind a light pole to protect himself while Solomon circled several times. She struck him as he tried to make a break for the main road.


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This happened happened in Gilbert which next town over from where I live. It is has a big Mormon population (they are currently building the state's largest temple there). So I'll bet there are a lot of unhappy people there with the POTUS outcome.

Also this is the same town where earlier this year a Neo-Nazi guy killed most of his girlfriend's family before turning the gun on himself.
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Another loyal watcher of paranoia-packed, doom-and-gloom Fox News, featuring Glen "The End Of The World Is Coming" Beck.

Several years ago, BEFORE these elections a man shot two police officers to death because he'd heard on Fox news that "Obama is going to take my guns away" and thought the uniformed officers had been sent to do just that.
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