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Death rate by firearms per 100,000 people:

UK: 0.25
US: 10.30.

Yes, that's correct. The number is forty times higher in the United States.

Great argument.

Oh, incidentally?

Spain: 0.62
France: 3.01
Greece: 1.64
Hungary: 0.87
Germany: 1.24

Amazing how when there's a post that Goofy is truly politically threatened by on this board (or any board), and when he responds, his posts gets so many recs, so quickly......maybe he brings out his doppels for self love? I've always suspected this, but he's always denied it.

First, his post doesn't address the issue posed by the OP. He immediately goes to "firearm crimes". What about crimes period?!? That's the point!! Whether you die by being shot, poisoned, or being slammed by a brick to the head is irrelevant. You're dead, period. Does it really matter HOW you die?

Another thing is the difference in realize that Europe is VERY white?!? While the US is 13% black and something like 17-18 Hispanic, many countries like Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the UK, etc are quite white ??

So while the US is something like 30% comprised of black and Hispanic high violent crime offending residents, most of Europe is like less than 5% of this demographic?

Do you realize how BIG of a difference this makes to the crime numbers?

The blacks in the US, which make up 12-13% of the population, commit 49.6 (or HALF!!) of the murders in the US. That's compared to the rest of the population. That's something like 400-500% higher rate of murders. (4 times higher.....we're not talk 10, or 20, 70% higher black crimes....we're talking 400-500% times higher!!)

The second highest crime committing population isn't even separated from "rest" of the population. FBI doesn't separate whites from Hispanics from the crime rate in the US.....yeah...wonder why? PC reasons. So if you were to compare the "real" white murder rate from blacks, it's probably something like 7-8 times higher!!

It's truly staggering.

So gun play is not a "guns control" issue. Many of it is because of black gangs in the inner city. And crimes involving Mexican drug gangs as well. It's genetics and culture that feedback on themselves. Yes, I said GENETICS. Certainly, whites are involved in crime. But it's nowhere near the crime rate of the minorities. And here's a counterexample...Asians are virtually off-the-charts missing on the violent crime radar.

You compare the 30% of the US that are either blacks or Hispanics, and the 1,2 or 3, sometimes as high as 4% minorities, then you now know the difference in crime rates.

If the US didn't have 90% of more violently predisposed minorities, it's crime rate would absolutely plummet.

Yet, you blame guns, when the real crime problem is based in demographics.

And people need to stop being PC and speak the truth!....including this board!!
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