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These debates re value investing versus "concept" investing are very interesting for the cautious and anxious new investors! More please.
In Bankok it is hard to get a feel for what is happening in Australia. This message board is very valuable.
What are we to make of all these ex mining companies getting into technology? Are any of them worth looking at?
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I guess one has to adopt both approaches to a certain extent depending on individual investment targets. "concept" investing I believe is more for the short term investor who wants to cash in on capital gains. I've always believed in value/growth stocks but then it seems that conventional methods of placing value on stocks is getting out of fashion. Maybe concept investing has come to replace value investing!!!!

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Sure there are plenty of ex-mining companies that have gone "E". The only problem is trying to pick the company before it gets taken over.

For my picks, i like Fibertel (IMR), which used to be a gold miner now installing a fiber-optic lines between capital cities.

However when investing in "e" stocks always go for the infrastructure players such as the next Cisco rather than the next

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Some of the companies diversifying their interests have still got very good prospects even if you discount the tech/comm/internet component. This lets you have a bob each way while still keeping lots of blue sky.
KRZ Oil cashflow + investigating tech deal
ORP India diamonds + tech
SRO Gold + Video delivery + rumours
TKG Gold + tech investigations
SFM Bluefire gas project + tech + rights issue

CAG last mile (50k) wireless delivery

I own shares in all of these and recommend checking them out.

Now is not the time to be buying these stocks, I would wait a couple of days to see what happens with the wobbles on the Nasdaq first.
Actually with the past couple of days, now is probably a good time to be buying blue chips. The ball is in your court. Good luck.
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