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I created a redirect to Charity called Philanthropy, but then created a Philanthropy category. I want to delete the Philanthropy redirect so that if people run a search on Philanthropy they go to the category instead of getting redirected to Charity.

Can someone explain how to do that? I tried move, but I think it creates a redirect, and I don't want that. A deletion in this case would be better, I think.


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Can someone explain how to do that [delete a page]?
You just did (or at least as much as you can). Only people with more power than you or I can delete pages. Jeremy will be by shortly to tell you that it's done.

E-mail him (TMFMoby) if you're impatient.

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Great question Har1en.

Just for general knowledge, you can remove a redirect by going to the page you're redirecting from like this:

Adding ?redirect=no at the end of the URL allows you to break into the redirect page and edit accordingly.

To address the question, search from a reader's perspective will change a little before we go live. When people search, they'll see something somewhat similar to CAPS right now:
That main center area will be articles and then we'll put categories that match on the right. This will allow people to find the specific article they want to read about and also find groups of articles (categories) that relate.

It's not possible to redirect an article to a category. As an editor, if you feel that the page title is too broad, then call out the same-named category within the text (and link to it)
For example, "For other examples of philanthropy, check out the category page."

As an editor you can search for and find the Philanthropy category. You can do so by typing it into the search box and then clicking on Search rather than pressing enter or clicking on Go. Then check the box at the bottom marked Category and click on the search box at the bottom. This is the end result:

As you've probably surmised, that's not a very easy process for a reader. That's why we're working on a search that will work more like CAPS'.

Please let me know if I can help in any other way or clarify further. Thanks!

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