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Cutter ...'we're not blaming Bush'

"President Barack Obama’s reelection effort is not blaming the sputtering economic recovery of the past four years on former President George W. Bush, his deputy campaign manager insisted Wednesday.

We’re not blaming our predecessor by any means, but we don’t think we should return to the same policies that crashed the economy.”

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On CBS's "This Morning" on Wednesday, Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs defended Vice President's comment that the middle class has been "buried" for the past four years.

"Let's be clear, the middle class has been buried for a lot longer than the time that we've been dealing with bad economic decisions from the former administration," Gibbs added.


Dem double speak......of course, 'it is all Bush's fault' since 'the One' has such a great policy that unemployment is down to Bush levels, the income of folks is not falling each year for the past 4 years, the birth rate is plummeting, gas has only doubled in 4 years....

Dang Bush.....stopped folks from having kids, doubled gas prices.....that danged Bush....dropped the value of the dollar by record amounts.....forced OBama to borrow and spend like a true Marxist....

No wait...some are saying it's not Bushes fault...even in the dem side of things......

My head is exploding...

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