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So, it's the party establishment vs the "left-leaning bloggers".


Democratic bloggers abuzz over Hackett exit

WASHINGTON - The Democratic blogosphere was abuzz Tuesday with the news that one of its heroes, Iraq war veteran Paul Hackett, had dropped out of the Ohio Senate race.

Hackett, a civilian lawyer and a major in the Marine Corps reserves, caused a sensation last year when he nearly defeated Republican Jean Schmidt in a special election in a heavily Republican congressional district in southern Ohio.

At first blush, Hackett's exit seemed good news for the Democrats since it removed the danger of a costly primary and left seven-term Democratic Rep. Sherrod Brown a clear shot at defeating incumbent Republican, Sen. Mike DeWine.
But left-leaning Democratic bloggers helped lift Hackett to his near-victory last year and some are irate that their man appears to have been squeezed out of the race.
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DeWine is, as is every other Republican who stands between us and control of the Senate.”

It isn't Dewine that is standing in "our" way. It is a total lack of committment to anything the American middle class values as important.

It is exactly that inside the Beltway mentality that has turned the map red.
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