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Depends on how you see it. Sure, losing libertarian (please, not "moderate") Republicans leaves a greater percentage of "wingers" in the party. However, the Republican Party wants to win elections- so I believe they will bend to meet the trend (in other words, become more libertarian), rather than going against it and becoming even more hard line (thereby losing even more libertarian/independent/moderate voters). If they do what you think they will do, the Republican Party will die (btw, I have SEEN the Republicans become more libertarian in the last 10 years- even co-opting libertarian ideas in some cases).

You have SEEN them? I guess you can't discuss politics without histrionics. Fair enough. As to whether they have co-opted libertarian ideas, you seem to think that some kind of either/or situation exists. One is not either a Republican or a libertarian the same as one is not either a Democrat or a libertarian. One is either a libertarian or an authoritarian and there are both libertarians and authoritarians in all parties including the Libertarian Party. Libertarian ideas have been entrenched in both major parties from their inception. Abe Lincoln was a libertarian, even though enforcement of his libertarian policies created a stronger central government. Thomas Jefferson was a libertarian, even though he owned slaves and probably voted Democrat.

What you have seen in the Republican Party is that the libertarian faction has wrestled some of the power away from the authoritarians, because it helped the party gain power. When the Libertarian Party has cost Republican votes in recent years, it has provided opportunity for the authoritarians in the Republican Party to wrestle some of the control back. Similarly, when the Greens and Socialists have cost Democrat votes, it has fueled the efforts of libertarians in the Democratic Party. In effect, this means that the libertarian Democrats are relying on the L.P. and the authoritarian Republicans are relying on the Greens and Socialists.

The Republican Party will not die, but if it fragments, the right wing base might shift to the margin and we may have one big powerful party (the Democrats) and a bunch of little parties building alliances and coalitions. The effect of that situation on the struggle between libertarians and authoritarians is unpredictable, but in the emotional climate that results, authoritarians typically gain power until they become so oppressive that revolution occurs.

<<"Our Constitution was designed to bypass the emotions that authoritarians use to overrule common sense, but as I've said, it has flaws that the authoritarians have exploited. ">>

Yes. Too bad MOST of the politicians (of BOTH major parties) AND judges in Washington seem to view the Constitution as nothing more than a document to quote from when it suits them politically, and ignore when it doesn't (which is most of the time).

MOST BOTH AND Agreed, but the likelihood that the Libertarian Party will change this is nil. You are apparently relying on it to do something more than rabble rouse. Rabble rousing is the only way it has successfully gained funding and votes. I will give it credit for only one thing. It has raised awareness that there is a faction that believes individual rights trump collective rights. If it could do that by appealing to intellect rather than emotion, it wouldn't be just another demonizing fringe group.

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