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(initial take)
I think DHT has an earnings call planned for tomorrow (1/30). Company website has the
Q4 numbers

DHT filed a claim against OSG over the two returned bareboat-chartered Suezmaxes on 12/11/2012,
but one of the vessels didn't get delivered back until Jan 15th 2013. I wonder if that's what
helped the revenue and EBITDA.

- Revenue of $16.9M (reasonable under the circumstances)
- EBITDA of $9.8M
- Cash of $71.2M
- Maintained dividend of 2c/sh (28c for preferred shares)
- Three vessels on new time-charters
- Repaid an additional $9M in 2013- Additional asset write-down on an asset.
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The earnings call:

Not too much additional info.
- More details on the charters
- Vessel marketed "For Sale" is VLCC DHT Regal
- While prepaying debt on vessels is good, it says more about the fleet age and the shakiness
of any of their long-term plans.
- Lousy timing for them, but they seem to be finally shifting away from OSG
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