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Just a quick post to say "we're still thinking about you, and let us know if there's anything we can do for you from a distance" (well, I'm speaking for myself, but I suspect others feel the same way...)

I hope that CN is home soon, if not already, and that some of the stress is lifting and that the headaches are resolving (both physically and emotionally).

Best wishes,

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Hi all,

CameraNerd is not home yet. He has been a little up and down the last few days.

Basically, he still gets some headaches and/or dizziness when he tries to get up and move around much, and until that resolves to the dr's satisfaction he is not going to get to come home. If I look at now versus the general trend since he went in the hospital last Saturday, he is definitely some better, but not really good enough to make it at home yet. He has been on some steroids the last few days to try and get swelling in his brain to go down, and that is definitely helping, but they have also been playing with his blood pressure meds and I think perhaps they might be messing with those *too* much because he had quite low BP today that led him to be dizzy when he tries to do some IV Pole Relay laps around the hospital floor.

Doc told him today that even if he is improved enough to go home this weekend he cannot start work for another week - which I believe it wise but which is disappointing because he is supposed to start a new job. However, I called his new boss today to let her know he's not well and she was really good about it. I'm not sure how long they will hold the position, but we know for sure it's held for a minimum of a week or two so that's goodness. She even offered, if he gets out of the hospital this weekend but still needs to not work next week, to work with HR to get him on the official employer roster (unpaid) so he can be on insurance quickly. I don't know that we'll do that, as we plan to pay COBRA so as not to switch insurance providers midstream, but it's a helluva good offer.

In other news....

My lawn got mowed.

T and impolite and Q and Her Bootiness came over tonight. T mowed the lawn, impolite and I picked up the master suite and gabbed, and Q and Her Bootiness watched cars, played with our box of toys for visiting children, and ran around like kids. It was lovely to have them over, and even lovelier to have some help and distraction from the situation.

Her Bootiness asked if she could have a sleepover at my house, and I had to tell her not tonight, but that CameraNerd and I want to have their family over for a BBQ. Q and Her Bootiness liked that idea and have created a menu of hot dogs, hot dog BUNS, chips, more chips, and macaroni and cheese. :o)

Gotta go to bed soon so I can get up and do the whole hospital routine again tomorrow.

Thanks to all,
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Best wishes to you both, and I hope the doctors get it narrowed down soon, so CameraNerd can come home.

{{{{{{{{{dianakalt and CameraNerd}}}}}}}}}}}}

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