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Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing....

I made 29 buys/sells in August. Sold out of AYX, LVGO, OKTA, MDB, BILL and FSLY. Added a tiny amount of SPG, and OKE. Bought 100 FSLY and 200 NTNX for covered calls yesterday and then bought back all the FSLY plus 50% more to hold onto.

To what end? Had I done nothing I would have been up 0.31%. With all the above I ended up down 0.09%. I did increase cash from 36% to 60%. Despite my agreeing with Dreamer about the state of COVID stocks and upcoming events unsettling the market, I did increase CRWD by 16%, DDOG by 11%, FSLY by the above mentioned 50%, TWLO by 38% and even ZM by 40%. 60% cash will embolden one.

If I could count the 8/31 after hours pops for CRWD and ZM I would be up 1% for August.

On the sales, I sold out of AYX after the earnings announcement, pretty much at that bottom and it is up 6% since. Mostly I was irritated that I had let the earnings date sneak up on me plus I don't see AYX doing too much stock price-wise for at least a couple of quarters. 6% days I'm wrong. Then OKTA and BILL and MDB were sold to get out of the way of their earnings announcements.

Neither this post nor my portfolio are particularly coherent, but...., here are my major positions:

CRWD 7.4%
DDOG 6.0%
FSLY 5.8%
ZM 5.7%
TTD 5.2%
SHOP 3.0%

I did like the BILL quarterly and will make it a 6% position. They got a bit of a COVID boost but they have a long runway and they are adding features requested by their customers which they will gradually monetize. I am confident that post-COVID they will continue to perform because they are the leader in they accounts payable/receivable space for SMB and have both U.S. and international growth opportunities, cross border payments, foreign currency payments, virtual card payments and the software solves real back office problems. I think no SMB will go back to writing checks whether working from home or going to the office.

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My convictions don't change every quarter, only my returns.

Sometimes I think it's best to sit on your hands. Or share success with those around you and *stop paying attention* every day or month or quarter.

My hands? I'm doing my best to share my success and unexpected wealth in my local community. As always, YMMV.

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