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Parents in Janesville, WI! We're concerned for your kid's welfare! There are radicals running amok in schools, spreading all kinds of noxious stuff....we thought you'd better know:

An anonymous flyer urged parents to find out whether their children's teachers signed the petition to recall Scott Walker. A conservative group in Milwaukee helped produce an anti-teacher flyer that identified names and salaries of Janesville, WI, teachers and urged recipients to find out if their child's teacher signed a petition to recall Walker. The flyer...directed readers to a website listing residents who had signed the recall petition. It also provided a "Parents' Rights Protection Form" that urged parents to request that "my child be assigned to a class taught by a non-radical teacher during the 2012-2013 school year."

There have been other similar anti-teacher flyers. In March, a notice went to local homes demonizing the "dumbed-down curriculum," "Marxist/globalist agenda" and "sexualization of children" in local public schools.

I was a career teacher and shake my head, knowing that toxic BS like this isn't just "Only in Wisconsin".....
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I had kids in school during the Reagan years. Both of them came home from school wanting me to not vote for Reagan because he would get us into a nuclear war and we would all die.
Of course I asked where they got that idea. I bet you can come up with the correct answer.

But remember, more money for the teachers is good for the kids. Except Bill Gates, thru his foundation, tried that idea and found there is little to no effect on learning when more money for smaller class size and teacher pay is provided.
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I'd be more shocked if YOUR teacher didn't sign. Afterall if the Union told them to sign, you don't really have a choice. It's sign or have broken fingers. Unions don't take kindly to dissent.

My kids used to bring home notices about ballot issues and the such all the time from their kids...and always one sided. (BTW, it was against State Law for the teachers to do this)...but in the end it was always "approve item X and give the teachers more money". Your property taxes will go even higher.
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