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The Vanguard Total International Stock Index fund (VGTSX) dropped $0.18 (about 1.7%) on 12/24. According to the Vanguard distribution estimates, they expected a $0.19 capital gain distribution to be made on that date. Here it is on 12/29 well after the close of trading, and I have yet to see any record of the distribution posted on the Vanguard site, in Yahoo historical prices, or more importantly, in my brokerage account. Was this drop likely a distribution, or an actual drop in the NAV of the fund? Is there typically a delay between the date the NAV of a fund drops due to a distribution and the date that the dividend is posted?


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If you look under "other information" about a Vanguard Fund (after clicking on the fund in the master list of funds), you will see "distributions." Took me a while to find after they changed their format.

Anyway, the distribution was on the 24th, reinvest date the 26th, and payable date today (29th). So if you are taking the distribution in cash, it won't show up till today (which means you probably won't be able to find it till tomorrow).
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