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Greetings, fellow Fools!

I recently rolled my Roth IRA into Scottrade, and received my first dividend payment in this account on a new holding. I bought 20 shares of VGR, yet it shows 21 shares in my account holdings. The account history from yesterday's dividend payment shows:

Vector Group LTD Dividend on 20 shares of VGR @ .40000 $8.00
Stock Dividend of 1 Share of VGR $0.00

None of my other stocks show a plus one, all are accounted for by what I've owned/bought. However, I haven't received any dividend payments yet.

My home page shows that plus 1 stock as part of the regular positions, accounted for in my market holdings.

Does anyone know what's going on with this strange-looking accounting? Will that extra share of VGR disappear later (especially if I call and ask about it)?

Thanks in advance!
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You've stumbled unto a quirk of VGR. The company pays an annual stock dividend of 5% (in addition to its cash dividend) and that just happens to be 1/20 as a fraction, so every 20 shares earned a new single share.
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Thanks, dfish!

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