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I had my DNA done. Boringly western european. Over 85% English. Now getting over not being the least bit Spanish. Found two second cousins I didn't know.

Been tracing my family tree too. Goes way back. When most Americans were farmers most of my relatives were too. Seems some were Puritans and I think some were Quakers too. None were superstars at anything good or bad.

As a group, they tended to live a long time. But the farther back you go, it seems, the longer they lived, so I guess I will stick to my current retirement plan which has me checking out at 95.
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I had my DNA tested also. turns out mom was right, I really am a many many grand daughter to Pocohantas. I traced that Damron line way way back to some old manor house in England. I am not as Irish as I thought. mostly English. I have over 1000 second and third cousins. how can that be? mom always said we were survivors. I haven’t spent much time on my dads line as there is something very confusing about his mother’s birth information that doesn’t add up. Once dad had said she had come over from Ireland as a baby with her grandmother.

I have given up the notion of pulling the big bucks out of this house and downsizing. I can’t downsize to anywhere I can see water and mountains from my window. I have decent hospital and clinics, 8 minutes away and Seattle close enough.

sorry Dan , just now read your note. our paths wouldn’t have crossed. It started raining on about day four of my Juneau Trip and reminded me why I left.

going to Houston for Thanksgiving couple weeks. That will make four trips this year. It has been great fun.
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