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Nothing about the global economic situation but I include this for the curious:

Do Deeper Principles Underlie Quantum Uncertainty and Nonlocality?
Charles Seife

"Quantum mechanics is very impressive," Albert Einstein wrote in 1926. "But an inner voice tells me that it is not yet the real thing." As quantum theory matured over the years, that voice has gotten quieter--but it has not been silenced. There is a relentless murmur of confusion underneath the chorus of praise for quantum theory.

"Quantum theory was born at the very end of the 19th century and soon became one of the pillars of modern physics. It describes, with incredible precision, the bizarre and counterintuitive behavior of the very small: atoms and electrons and other wee beasties of the submicroscopic world. But that success came with the price of discomfort. The equations of quantum mechanics work very well; they just don't seem to make sense.

No matter how you look at the equations of quantum theory, they allow a tiny object to behave in ways that defy intuition. For example, such an object can be in "superposition": It can have two mutually exclusive properties at the same time. The mathematics of quantum theory says that an atom, for example, can be on the left side of a box and the right side of the box at the very same instant, as long as the atom is undisturbed and unobserved. But as soon as an observer opens the box and tries to spot where the atom is, the superposition collapses and the atom instantly "chooses" whether to be on the right or the left."

Much like me....I can choose whether to be on the right or the left. It just all depends on your point of view...LOL

Rob S
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Quantum theory is an interesting approach ... when the science was young, quantum theory was embraced much more by the Germans who followed Heisenberg's lead while the US & Britain focused on Einstein's approach. There is a lot of speculation in how this focus made for unique technologies developed by the Germans in WW2 (when it seems the government had money going toward any weapons technology theoretically possible) - and it is also a field of recent breakthroughs in science today.
The uncertainty principle is a favorite with Science Fiction authors like Crichton (Timeline), Rollins (Black Order) and others.
In my opinion, theories in general are just a model to some degree - its a trick of finding which one fits the pattern. I'm sure there is some overlapping mathematically between the Quantum approach, unified field theory, multi-dimensional mathematics, etc but I don't think we can ever choose one or combine them.
Consider some historical examples ... we still learn the Bohr model of the atom even though it is well outdated because it is simple, useful and it describes a lot of empirical patterns fairly well. We still use Newtonian physics and simplified versions of Bernoulli's even though they are subsets of solutions because they are easy and useful.
I'm not going to try to relate this discussion to the markets - just took the bait on discussing something else :)

-John T
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"In my opinion, theories in general are just a model to some degree - its a trick of finding which one fits the pattern"

That is a opinion of I think it is Bohr.

Said in another way:

"The Map is not the territory"

"The Menu is not the meal"

People confuse their model of the world very often with "reality" and don't consider that their model is only one aspect of how reality can be viewed. It takes quite awhile for most to understand this at a gut level.

Rob S
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