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Although the real news today in this CAPS blogger's opinion is on Mars (nicely highlighted at http://www.m...6/index.html, Malin Space Science Systems), the business news is focused on Yahoo.


In some instances (especially tech growth companies), the stock price for a company is driven by its unknowns. For Google, this means can they reach their full potential (in other words, take over the world, put MSFT & YHOO out of business, etc). For Yahoo, the big unknown is can they capitalize/monetize their audience?


For Google, the answer to this question appears to be yes (and it better remain this way, or how else do you support a 150B mkt cap?) . But it may not have always seemed that way. Why didn't you or I buy GOOG at the IPO at ~$85? Because it wasn't clear how they'd be able to monetize their audience, and their didn't seem to be a reason why a competitor couldn't wipe them off the map. Does this look like a mistake. Probably. So is now the time to buy into Yahoo, since maybe they'll be able to cash in on their advantanges? It looks like a big maybe to me -- I'm certainly attracted to the price at these levels but it would be a speculation rather than investment, so I'm not jumping in with real $.

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