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I've seen many things out there infact I think that I'm overread on information. I mean there is the F4, this RM/RB, DRIP, and I'm sure others I still haven't read. Is there any that people fill over the test of time will be better off?
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Well, it may and it may not ;-).

Easiest way to find out (w/o your $$$), is to set up a portfolio that tracks the stocks and watch what happens (or just go to

I've started doing this, and F4 is not working so far, and the RM is. Of course, my time frame on "purchasing" the representative stocks is different from the ones held, and from what I've read so far, "timing is everything" with the F4 method.

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Timing is every thing? As Anthony Robbins, the motivational speaker says - choice is everything, time
is almost irrelavent.

So pick good stocks and don't worry about timing the
market - its time in the market that counts.
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