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I think I'm going to go out on a limb here & say that I think the slogan "If I have to explain it to you, you wouldn't understand" is really saying: "If I understood, I could explain it to you".

Today, I think I understand.

Something hit me coming up the I-5 today, that probably most everbody that rides the Company's product already knew, but weren't telling anybody, (or me, at least) 'cuz maybe they thought people might think they were nuts.
Obviously, as a self proclaimed bi-polar schyzophrenic, (did I mention paranoia), I don't really care if they KNOW (not just think) I'm nuts.

I'll try to keep this short, but I think I've found out what's magical about a Harley and try to explain my convoluted thought processes in the process. Still with me?

And if this is supposed to be a secret, well, then, somebody shoulda told me...cuz I'm about to sing...but please, bear with me, I don't have much of a voice (& you've heard about trying to teach a pig to sing...)

And away we go:

I've always been a machine head, rebuilding Mopar 340's, fixing what's broke, fairly decent knowledge of our friend, the "ICE". For the most part, at least, anything that goes is good...but what is it about a Harley that makes it so different?
This is the question that's been plaguing mankind for centuries.(well, almost one...)and me, personally, since I first heard/saw one, back in the 50's, a snot nosed kid, and now, almost 50, (but I've learned how to wipe my nose)...

Sitting on Dyna yesterday, warming her up to riding temperature(aahhh!) for the first time since November(!)(Half a year, man!)...Listening to and feeling that thump, thump, thump (potato), wondering, again, and for years, what is it about these machines?

Strange as it may seem, a Honda triggered the answer.

Back to that freeway...

Not thinking about the question at hand; brain, vacuous, as usual. Got passed by this Full Rice Dresser, (not that there's anything wrong with that), my immediate thought, because of yesterday's revival ride was: "Motorcycles are fun"...Simple. ("Mondo like candy").
But, then,
"Why is that Honda different than a Harley?"
It goes.
It's a machine.
A Harley's a machine.
Why are they so different?
That Honda's quiet.
Harley's not.

Many machines go...But they're not the same.
They don't have the sound of a Harley. (Duh).
The sound
The thump, thump, thump
What is it about that sound?

Then, the Bolt.

Not a road hazard bolt.

The Bolt from above.
Like a lightning bolt
Like a revelation
Eureka! It's that sound, it's that thump.

That thump is the sound of a heart!
It's a heart beat! A beating heart!

If somethings got a beating heart, that means... HEY!

These bikes are ALIVE... aren't they?

Is this what "can't be explained" because I don't understand it myself?

I know they've got soul...(a soul?)

Bon Jovi sang, years ago: "I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse
I ride..."

I must've had Pennzoil in my ears...

<new revelation as I write this:>
The old steam and wood burning locomotives were "iron horses", the new diesel and electric trains: not the same. Not Alive

It's no wonder this Legend is treated as it is:
For the most part, Harley's aren't just washed & shined.
They're groomed!

They're not just transportation, they're an trusted adventure
to both old and new favorite places.

A leisurely putt, likened to a trot or a canter, on a turning mountain road can be just as thrilling as a flat-out gallop on the free-way.
Even better, at the slower pace, you can really hear it's heart beating, and breathing...

Harleys can be like, or they are a member of your family.
(Lucky)Harleys are pampered. They're protected and even loved!

Can anyone tell me of any other Corporate logo people have chosen to personally and permanently display in the form of a tattoo?

I've known of more than a few proud Harley owners who parked (stabled?) their "steel steeds" in the their living room...

Even the older bikes that weren't "house trained" like the newer "non-leakers".


Doesn't matter.

Bike's got a drip pan.

And a room.

In the house.

Now I know why...

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