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Had an interesting morning.

Went out for my walk and here came this dog who started following me. I tried to chase him off to no avail. Followed me all the way to the end of the road and then the whole mile back to my house.

He wanted to come in. Couldn't do that, dunno if he's housebroken; and the back porch is occupied by the SwampKittens. I got nowhere to put him, but it seems someone may have dumped him out here. It happens a lot. He's smallish, looks like maybe he's part greyhound or whippet. Very sweet. I'm not sure how old he is but he looks, and acts, like he's really still a pup.

I call animal control, outta desperation, to report him found. I gotta go to work, I have no leash or collar or anything, and if I leave there is no place to put the dog to keep him safe. They volunteer to come get him and I agree, because I can't think of anything else to do.

So I wait...and nobody shows, and after a couple hours I give up. I try putting the pup on the back porch, walk away and hear horrible yelping so I assume one of the SwampKittens has attacked much for that. Let him out, go to load up my truck and when I come back out the dog is nowhere to be seen. Oh. He's on the floor of my truck, waiting for me. STOPPIT STOPPIT STOPPIT, I do NOT want a dog!!! Do you hear me, Lord? I don't want a dog! I don't need one, he's cute...NO, I don't even LIKE dogs, what's wrong with me??!!

I get him out of the truck and go to pull away. Pup runs around the front of the truck, puts his feet on the bumper and peers over the hood at me. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. STOPPIT!!! *SIGH*. Then he goes and stands in the middle of the street. Great. Just what I'd need, come home and he's flattened. *SIGH*. OK, OK, OK. Lord, I don't know what You think You're doing to me, but, it's not funny. Open the door, in comes the dog, now what? I don't want a dog, Lord, I don't even like dogs! He settles right down on the floor, curls up quietly and looks me in the eye. Oh s*** I am sunk. I can't take him to work and he still might be someone else's dog, so I figure out where the shelter is and call and cancel the pickup. I'll make a delivery. My heart hurts when I think that he might die there.

ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH, I don't want a dog, what am I doing?!!! I look down again, and find that I now completely understand why Lizard took Wink with him across the country. Oh. Well, that just answered my question of what I'd do with this animal while I was on my trip.

Maybe I've just been given a traveling companion? But, Lord--I don't even LIKE dogs! I have NEVER liked dogs. What's the matter with me??!!! There's just something about this animal that has reached something in my heart...something untouched for many, many years...I can't explain, but, I needed to meet this dog.

I took him to animal control and signed the papers...his owners, if he still has any, have five days to claim him. If he goes unclaimed he'll be up for adoption, and I will adopt him. The kittens need to come inside anyhow and get civilized so I can find homes for them; meanwhile the pup will live on the porch til I'm satisfied that he's housetrained, and the cats have gotten a chance to get used to him.

I have no idea what has just happened to me. All I know is, a few weeks ago I told that Lord that I knew I hadda couple attitudes that needed to change, and that I would even, if He wanted, be willing to let Him teach me to like dogs. For me that was quite a stretch...y'all have no idea...and now...well. Here we go. :-)

So I'll go back on Monday to animal control, and we shall see. I'll keep y'all posted.

puzzledMare, or should I sign myself, 1blackdog?

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