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just a fwiw

finally saw one today - the dollar store stuff in a family dollar store
wasn't what I expected - thought it would be a separate section in the stores
with just $1 merchandise but more nuanced than that

more like an opening section when you came in - complete with a huge $1 card rack
but then the 'dollar stop' sections, clearly marked, appear in various areas
throughout the store, in line with the departments where they appear
so not a radical changeover in the store, but more like 'here is the $1 stuff'

I liked it
this was a town with 1200 population - the FDO store was loaded and stocked
far more than what I've seen in other FDO stores
I think it will help in the edges which is what you want
also had a very long cooler full of items
we only saw two other grocery store in this town (IGA and Piggly Wiggly)
though the C stores were very aggressively merchandised

in the bigger town (13k), we did see a Lidl and Aldi back to back...
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