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Sad news.

Another great one. Anyone reading this board surely knows who Donald Dunn was and what he added to pop and soul music but here are a few performance highlights:

Green Onions (live from 1967) =
Midnight Hour =
Hold On (I'm Coming) =

As a final added bonus, here's a version of Green Onions done by The Blues Brothers from the album Made In America in 1980 when they were promoting the movie. This is a GREAT version in its own right. It has Duck Dunn on bass and Steve Cropper on guitar and I think Paul Schaffer on organ. Much better guitar solo from Steve Cropper than the original and a hilarious rap in the middle from Dan Akroyd.

Strangley, Booker T Jones just sat in last Thursday on David Letterman with the band.

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Actually, that's not the original Stax version of 'Hold On' you posted, so it might not be Duck on this version.
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Dang, dying sucks. Yeah, Duck was a rock.

He went fast, eh?

A good friend of mine was recently dx'd with bone cancer.... it ain't gonna be a pleasant ride. This morning I was recalling some ferocious gypsy jazz jams we enjoyed at San Onofre, where he was so in the groove, and I pray that he pulls through so we can enjoy another 10 or 20 years on the sand. Here's a layed back summer session...he's the fellow playing the fancy Fender Woody.
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