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On my account. I took a pen and some paper lying about at work last night and did a quick summary of what I owe. I remember the days when I used to be so mad at Capital One for only allowing me a thin 200 dollars on a "secured" Capital One MasterCard. Now I call and they compliment me on my loyal and excellent payment history. As well they should. Between the gas cards, the MasterCards, the VisaCards, AmEx card, my margin account at Morgan Stanley, and a thin student loan < 1200 dollars I figure I am..........

Nine thousand six hundred dollars give or take in debt.

And eight thousand of that would be on the charga plates. I imagine I've been a'charging.

Yikes! And yes, I checked the math. I see LOTS of work in my future. Ah well, I was way too fat anyway. Back to the grind.. Maybe a small Happy Dance in August.. I will try..

wdg :)
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Is any of that the truck your ex bought on the joint Amex?

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Oh you had to get me started. I owed about 200 total on Amex and he has been like a starving sled dog kept from the bones all week. I did pay a payment on line before early in the week and I told him. So he got quite the attitude when I spoke with him tonight.

Wild: The tenant did not pay. He is now 19 days late.

Wild Hub: Ranting and raving how he will kill the tenant.

Wild: Keeping in mind how expensive attorneys are for capital offenses, she does remind WH that she will be consulting with the real estate attorney this month to send deadbeat tenant a scare letter.

Wild Hub: I have to come up with 700 dollars by Monday!! American Express has already sent me a letter- I am late.. Growl, Rowl, Woof, Bark. Hiss.. Moan..

Wild Hub: I am cutting up AMEX, I am cutting up Household Finance, and he mentioned another one.

Wild: I am sorry.. but I don't have it either.

May I say it again? I am sorry.. but I don't have it either.

wdg :)
going to make her pocketbook her best friend, thank you.
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Si, Si senora, my dancing shoes are in carbon freeze for you :)

Wow, a giant step for wildgirl kind.


Denial is a powerful tool.
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