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Don't you know that you can only control your OWN behavior and not the behavior of others?

Of course. I've controlled mine from the first day. You see no deception, disruption, attack,or ridicule coming from me. That evidences control, given what I'm up against here.

But consider my dilemma, chockokitty.
I started this debate with a post I put to the board on May 13, 2002. Starting a debate in my book carries with it a responsibility to respond to any legitimate questions that the debate provokes among community members. What do you suggest I do after saying that this is the most important issue facing the board at this time, just ignore supposed attempts to come to terms with it? That can't be right.

If you say that most of the questiions being offered are phony ones posted with no purpose other than disruption, you've got me. I see that. But what if one of the people who has put up dozens of phony questions aimed at wasting the board's time in the past is now on the verge of coming around to doing the right thing? What then? Should I pass up the opportunity to bring the board back to life that that opportunity represents? I can't see into the minds of the people that post here, chocokitty. I have to presume that there is some minimal honesty in the questions being brought forward by the other side, or I become a cynic.

The post you put up just prior to this one is a perfect illustration of the difficulty I face here. You put up a link to the "Bernstein on Valuation." Now that is a truly connstructive thing to do. It suggests that someone might actually want to consider some of the points I have made here, rather than just smash, smash, smash. But you also included some grumbling suggesting exasperation with me for not providing the link.

Well, I am the one who has been sitting at my computer patiently answering question after question after question for six months. I am the constructive one here, ChocoKitty I've posted scores of links in that time. And every post I've offered has been offered in a constructive spirit., in the spirit of Learning Together that these boards are supposed to be about. Just when I stop doing it because it's become so obvious that no one is willing to take the time to read the links (or they wouldn't ask the same exact question 300 times), you come along to express exasperation that I don't put up yet another link.

It's just as with the long posting critique. I put up a short one to save everyone's time, and Telegraph and markr33 and hyperborea are on the phone about how terribly revealing it is that I mentioned only six of the points raised by Bernstein instead of all seven that are on page 237. If I cover all the bases, I am slammed, and if I miss a base, I am slammed. Give me some consistent advice, and I'll try to follow it.

The killer is that you offer no advice whatsoever to hyperborea, markr33, and telegraph. That tells us all something about where you are coming from, chocokitty. On the surface, exasperation with the time wasted. I reality, no complaint with the ones that have wasted hundreds upon hundreds of person hours so long as they are doing so in the cause of blocking debate and not in the cause of allowing it to go forward.

The gig is up, chocokitty. You overplayed your hand, and any reasonable person knows that the supposed concern over providing a learning experience is mock. Otherwise, you would be doing the things that need to be done to make that happen.

I'll handle my posting decisions, and you take care of yours, OK? If you have any advice to offer on how to save some of the board's time, try sending it in the direction where it desperately needs to be heard and where it might do us all some good.

Let me know what you come up with after your close read of the "Bernstein on Valuation" post. I know that you intend to follow the link you posted, read the material contained there, and allow it to influence your position on this critical issue.
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