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The CA libs are at it again! there's a health excuse to raise the minimum wage!


"We know that being poorly paid can make the blood boil sometimes.

But it turns out low wages really are linked to high blood pressure.

A study found the connection was particularly pronounced in women and those aged 25 to 44.

Doubling the wages of these groups could reduce the risk of high blood pressure by 35 per cent in women and 30 per cent in young workers, the authors say.

The University of California report is believed to be the first to isolate the role of wages in high blood pressure.

The team studied 5,651 householders and their spouses three times for three years.

They then compared wages to high blood pressure and found that doubling the wage was associated with a 16 per cent decrease in the risk of a hypertension diagnosis.

Professor J Paul Leigh said: ‘Wages are part of the employment environment that easily can be changed.

'Policymakers can raise the minimum wage, which tends to increase wages overall and could have significant public-health benefits.’

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Of course, after 3 years, their blood pressure would rise again, so we'd have to double their pay to help reduce it once again!

Why not just give everyone a million dollars so they don't have to wory at all? They could 'create' and do 'self fulfillment' acivities like golf, paint, hike, commune with nature.....and have really good blood pressure readings.

All we need to do it tax the rich some more to make it happy and make those greedy corporations double wages.

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