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For years, major health and medical organizations have recommended fish oil supplements rich in omega-3s to reduce the threat of heart disease. Early trials of omega-3 supplements and cardiovascular health "showed strong, significant effect."

The new study, by medical researchers in Greece reexamined the results of 20 previous studies dating back to 1989 that included nearly 70,000 patients. As more randomized studies were performed, "the effect became weaker and nonsignificant."

Dr. Robert Bonow, a Chicago cardiologist who was not involved in the study, said he tended to agree with the authors' conclusion that not everyone would be helped by taking omega-3 supplements. Bonow said there was no evidence omega-3 prevented heart attacks and said that for most people, any potential benefits of supplementation probably paled in comparison with exercising, maintaining a proper weight and addressing high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Most supplements only help you if your diet is deficient in that nutrient for some reason, no? If possible that would be the group to study - those whose diets are deficient vs those not. Large random groups would seem to swamp the data with noise.

OK then there may also be also certain theraputic situations like heart disease patients.

Lastly - I've heard that Omega 3 is also good for brain development.
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Lastly - I've heard that Omega 3 is also good for brain development.

A couple of years ago a nationally respected nutritionist came to speak at our campus. Her specialty is brain health. She shared a lot of information. Two points that I remember:

1. The only supplement she personally takes every single day is an Omega-3-Fatty Acid supplement. Three times a day with meals.

2. Use a little bit of raw sugar rather than artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are no-nos!


A question I have: is it possible that the autism rate is so high in the US because women are not eating as much fish as we used to (mercury fears)???
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