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I suppose you were talking about me 'ticking you' off with my Bible rambling. Sorry, but it is fair game. And I'm sorry you are so sensitive about it.
I have read several things since I got here that are flat out not true about the Bible. It hurts me. But not because you folks say it---but because it was 'dreamed up' by people who call themselves Christians!!
Darwin comes up with this Evolution stuff and the leaders of the Church either say, "Well, we just don't know. So, well, I guess Adam and Eve and Cain and Able were just stories written to a primitive people to explain where they came from, or they stick their heads in the sand and say " God is right and Science must come from the Devil, so just run away from those guys and pray for their salvation. Don't even listen to them or let your kids be forced to learn that evil stuff."
I went to a preacher when I was just starting to read the Bible and he told me Adam and Eve didn't really exist, maybe Abraham? I said Jesus talked about them, and Noah and the Devil---did He lie? Well, he says, hands clasped together, He talked about people that the Jews believed in to help make His point.(He's looking at me like, you poor thing) Well, how in the world can you say you are a Christian and then quit believing one section of the Bible at a time whenever Science says it's a myth! But still believe I'm going to heaven because Jesus loves me!! That's nuts.
If you go to the library and get a copy of 'Plato's Republic', are you going to believe Plato wrote it just because he says he did? Or, stories of ancient history gathered together by archaeology, etc.--don't we pretty much read those books and believe them? Schools teach that stuff as fact. And it will be on the test. But, the Bible, which is way,way, newer than that stuff, gets picked apart and called Myth every day. I'm a sheep because I believe Luke wrote the Book of "Luke" and the book of "Acts" just because that's what he said! It hurts alot at first but you get to the point where it's old news.
I spent over three and one half years with the Bible on my kitchen table surrounded by Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries, and Strong's Exhaustive Concordance and piles of paper with notes on them by topic. After that conversation with the preacher, and a year with the Mormon's and another year with the Jehovah's Witness'--I decided I'd have to figure it out myself. And I did. I'd never been sure of anything in my life until the day I piled all those notebooks up and heaved a sigh of relief. I don't even remember what subject I was studying that triggered it!
Well, I've certainly gone on here. Sorry to preach but I just don't think the Bible is getting a fair shake anymore. And it's such a wonderful book.
PS. Counter ramble on, draco. I'm interested in science, that's why I'm here. And I appreciate everyone's honesty---it makes thing very interesting!
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