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Maybe I'll start something.

My dream retirement trip is to take at least 3 months and drive to Alaska, to explore it's wild areas and spend time living in them. How wild and with what lifestyle is yet to be determined.

There always seems to be some constraints on many options. For most, it is work, for many money, In my case, it's two little boys that call me Dad. The way I would wish to see Alaska would be to selectively backpack, a week at a time, many of the National Parks or wildlife refuges. But I can't see leaving the boys that long. They were the primary reason for my desire to RE. And will my health hold up to be able to do it as aggressively as I'd like??

The trip is on the to do list, we will probably do it within ten years, with many compromises along the way (How far can a ten year old hike in a week, and how far can his 61 year old Dad?)

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My dream retirement trip is to take at least 3 months and drive to Alaska...

Hmmm... can we talk about lottery dreams here? For at least 10 years now, a few of us at work have said that after one of us wins the lottery we are going to go down to our local GM dealer, buy three identical Suburbans and head off on a several months long adventure to Alaska.

Still waiting for that winning ticket...
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