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Drebbin: It is amazing to me how many misstatements you can pack into one post.

First, I love my country too, and that is why I have, and will continue to fight, to change it for the better. I see those fighting against this change as not loving their country, but loving a time in this country's PAST that in reality doesn't exist for the simple reason that it didn't work. Economic policies of the past caused HALF of all working Americans to lose real economic ground over the last 30 years. Tea Party members want "their country back" (but haven't defined that, except in terms of the past - and implying quite strongly that a "white majority" is what they mean. Check out for an example of this at the local level) - but the truth is, demographics are changing, and UNDER THE DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES of majority rule, they feel as thought "their country is slipping away." Too bad. So sad. If you believe in the principles of Democracy, then it isn't an issue. What they believe in is the result of a system that was unjust for many years - and not based AT ALL on principles.

Second, the Tea Party does not represent me, nor do they represent a majority of Americans. Look at the real polls - and not those promoted by the lying right. For example, as far as health care reform goes, the right touted a poll indicating that 56% were against it. Yes, BUT, of the 56%, 13% said IT DID NOT GO FAR ENOUGH. Take that 13% and add it to the 43% who liked it, and 56% favored REFORM, while only 43% opposed it. Also look at the polls that take each of the provisions individually (i.e. are you for or against prohibiting insurance companies from denying coverage based on a pre-existing condition?) and you will find that AN OVERWHELMING majority favor each of the provisions.

As far as the "parliamentary tricks" are concerned, lets put some facts out there. Reconciliation has been used for substantive purposes 22 time since it was invented in 1980 (BY THE REPUBLICANS). 16 of those 22 times, it has been USED BY REPUBLICANS. Most notably, is was used by Bush W for BOTH OF HIS TAX CUTS (2001 and 2003 - which INCREASED the deficit by $2 TRILLION EACH) and the Medicare Part D provisions, which are ESTIMATED to cost $4.7-$9 TRILLION (the exact number being unclear, because the REPUBLICANS HID and DESTROYED the CBO estimates of the costs.

The left has engaged in disrespectful and violent acts, no doubt - but the difference is 1) the intensity of the acts by the Tea Party and others FAR exceeds that ever done by the left; 2) the LEADERSHIP of the right is PROMOTING THIS NONSENSE ("You lie", "baby killer", signs from the balcony of the Capitol building encouraging unruliness, "reload" and "take aim" and "in our sights", cut gas lines, bricks through windows, the "N" word, spitting, commenting on Barney Frank's sexuality, etc....). The left has ALWAYS denounced the disrespectful and violent acts of those promoting a liberal agenda; 3) the left RESPECTS the rights of the right to express their opinions - but DEMAND that they do so respectfully and based on facts, whereas the right REFUSES to give voice to the left, look at the facts, and labels those who disagree with them as Un-American and not worthy of living. I have received death threats (on the comment section - including one the police investigated as it contained my address), have been asked to commit suicide to rid the world of the costs of caring for my pre-existing condition, have had my credit card hacked and used to subscribe to a Tea Party publication, have had political signs in my yard stolen and defaced, and even had parents of children at Halloween forbid them to take my candy because of an Obama sign in my yard (what are they teaching their children?). It's the intensity and the PURE HATE that distinguishes the current environment from anything in the past. Finally, the right has CLEARLY been obstructionist and destructive. They could have introduced legislation that embodied their principles for health care reform (which all of them said they supported - just not the current bill) BUT NONE OF THEM EVER DID! Rather telling that they weren't interested in being constructive, but only in attacking for the sake of attacking and political gain. I could talk about the current roar over the recent recess appointments, but again, the facts speak louder. Bush did it 179 time - a RECORD. But when Obama does it, it's evil. How stupid.....

I work with and am promoting in my area an alternative. We need civil discourse. We need to seek common grounds, and to work for solutions - through dialogue. It's the Coffee Party (and yes, it is a play against the Tea Party moniker) - that is ISSUE NEUTRAL, but wants the VAST MAJORITY to have a voice and become active citizens. Check it out at:
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