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I haven't started DRIP investing yet, but I have been doing some research. I'm retired so my primary concern is income.

I have selected the following 5 stocks to start with:

Reliant Inc. - energy
Home Depot - building materials
Albertsons - grocery stores
Fannie Mae - mortgage investment
AFLAC - insurance

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestion?
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What do you like about Albertsons? Personally, I don't like low-margin businesses to begin with, though certainly inventory turnover can compensate for that. We do have a local Albertsons, and I almost never shop there; local competitors have better prices. Perhaps I've been in there the wrong times, but they're fairly empty of customers when I do go.

Have you considered Wal-mart in the retail/grocery store area? I don't drip them myself, but the stores here seem to do good business and their retail/grocery superstore seems pretty good (and active). I would prefer that they had more cashiers working, though. I don't usually shop there, but they do have some things that nobody else in town carries.

(And in fairness, I must admit that the cashier thing may be more perception than reality, as they have a LOT of cashier stations, probably for handling holiday traffic. If I actually timed it, I might not be waiting longer there than my regular grocery store.)

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