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Driving on Expired PA Inspection Sticker-

We're trading our car in within the next 6 weeks.It's inspection is due the end of this month.To pass,it would need a few thousand dollars in work.I was thinking of just letting the inspection slide for the interval till trade-in.

If pulled over,I assumed there'd be a fine.Today,my BIL said that he thinks if I'm pulled over, the police won't just issue a ticket,but would also require the car to be towed;or require proof of inspection within say the next week.

Has anyone had first hand experience in this matter?
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I have not had the issue as my state does not require inspections. I would treat it though as if I were driving with expired tags.

I think it all depends on the officer and personally I would not take that chance.

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I've driven with expired inspection several times. Everything depends on your state, but in my experience you will only be pulled over if they are looking for expired tags (they setup road blocks in CT) or you did something to warrant getting pulled over.

Most officers will give you a warning, but sometimes you receive a minor ticket (25ish) and a requirement to have the inspection performed. I would avoid driving it as much as possible when the inspection is expired........but wouldn't worry too much if you get caught.
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This idea seems silly. According to this website - - if you are a buyer of a car then "If the vehicle's emission and inspection decals are not valid, you will have 10 days to pass the inspections."
To me that also means if they are valid the new owner has until they expire.
What that means is the inspection sticker has real value because the car is worth $25. more with the sticker on it.
And to the buyer is also has "value added" because they know they are not buying crap that cannot pass an inspection leaving them stuck with a car they cannot drive, at least until the sticker does expire.

Hope that helps,
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It's been about 20 or 25 years since I was stopped for it in PA, but at that time it was a simple ticket and modest fine.

According to this, the fine is still $25 plus costs:

Bear in mind that if continued operation of the vehicle results in or contributes to an accident, your insurance company and courts may have a lot more to say about the illegal operation of the vehicle.

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