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even Opera Bob manages a coherent thought on occasion.

Can you please remind which one of my 900+ posts that was so I can go back and have it deleted. ;-)

Actually, I think that the value is not in the individual selections but the educational process. No broker is going to help me understand why I should buy a "cold call". They'll just tell you it's a good buy right now. Of course for that to work another broker has to tell their client that they think it's a good time to sell. I even had an experience with one broker myself and a friend were both using. She called my friend to say, "Something is rotten with ABC Co. We need to sell right now." The next call was to me to say, "I think ABC Co. would be good for you." Needless to say I don't use that broker anymore.

The value of the FOOL to me is that at least I'm armed with an understanding of why I'm losing money. No broker will give me that advice. When someone tries to sell me something I've got a list of questions that put them instantly on notice that there not dealing with a fool but a FOOL.

As for Intel and Campbell:

The money is Randy's and Jeff's. Everything at the FOOL tells you to do your own due dilligence. Are you blindly copying them?

I'm in favour of leaving Campbell's where it is. To cash it out would incur a charge and then to reinvest it would possibly incur another charge. With only a small amount invested at the moment those charges represent a large percentage commission. Perhaps the best thing is to just let it sit for 15 years. Afterall that is one of the major aims of the DRIP PORT.

What's wrong with the INTEL purchase? Do you believe INTEL will be here in 15 years? If you do and you believe in the defensiveness of DCAing long term then right now is a good time to buy (and I have sent extra and larger cheques to them recently).Your thinking should be 15 years down the road.

Dude, I'm not sure if your comment re: my coherence was a shot or meant as humour (I'll assume humour). I've readily admitted I'm a piker compared to the likes of Dave, the Georges, Exilion, Japper, etc when it comes to the intricacies of analysis. But that doesn't mean I'm stupid either. To me the DRIP Port practises a bit of a contrarian balanced approach which I think is good. While everyone was busy buying PEPSI this year, I stopped buying it and concentrated on my COKE. What PEPSI I have is way up but PEPSI is off it's high. COKE announced yesterday it expects to meet expectations and grow 4-5% next year when the S&P is expected to shrink 5%. Gee, I wonder what'll happen?

If all we do on these boards is compare figures it's going to be pretty dull around here.

As for what I've learned from the FOOL:

In 1993 I had been bedridden and out of work for 3 years. When my disability pension kicked in I had just enough money to make a down payment on a home. After that I dove into the library and read everything I could on money and especially books from the FOOL. I paid the mortgage off in 3 1/2 years, am totally debt free, bought a new car (cash) , computer (cash), cruised (cash) all this year and can make the same statement about the size of my portfolio that Vulstock did. I did this on a disability pension with my wife only working part time. I think that's pretty coherent. The only philosophy I've used is to find good companies and concentrate my investments when they're off their yearly highs (Buy low).

The FOOL has definitely helped me to identify elements that make for good companies.


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