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I get the week end edition only of the WSJ, mainly for general reading only.

Anyways, June 7-8 edition, page C-1, article entitled "The Best Places to Stash Your Cash"..

There is mention of Salem Five Direct, EverBank paying 1%, Barclay and Synchrony Bank paying 2.3% on 5-year CD's.

What got my attention was mention of earning 5 and 6% on pre-paid credit cards, with FDIC Insurance. There are usually fees that will bite into this return, but net return was still a very high rate. The article mentions Mango Financial, Netspend, and for comparative shopping. The FDIC coverage is what really surprises me.

Some of these pre paid cards get linked to your savings accout.

This is all new to me, I don't know anything about these other than what I just skimmed in the article.. Don't forget the fine print.
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