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Hi all,

Does any one know where I could find charts of earnings rather than prices ?
I have just read Peter Lynch One up on Wall Street and he has charts that show earnings and prices on the same graph. It seems to be great to check the trends.
I have checked Yahoo finance , the Fool and others and I can't seem to find a website that would provide that feature.
Can anyone help ?

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I have been looking for the same thing for years. Please let me know if you have found it.

Thank you,

Rob Bateman
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This question came up on another board a couple of years ago. Someone, I don't remember who, located the same charts and I bookmarked it. If you want to buy the charts, go to I just checked the site and they have added a charts online feature with daily updates. Some of the charts go back 50 years. The cost is roughly comparable to a Morningstar or Valueline subscription. The info is on their web site. I hope this helps.
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