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Hey there, Ears,

So you're retiring from active investing. (Oh, no!)

shhhhhhh ... I'm considering the same, so we can do some traveling. Can I ask what you're doing with your investments? I can't stand the thought of turning investments over to a robber xxxxxx, er, I mean advisor, and haven't thought about a self-guiding plan, maybe with ETFs.

I also need the plan in case I kick the bucket, FavNurse has no interest in investing and I can't hardly say, "Sell it all and put it in ... what?"

Maybe a diversified bundled of ETFs?

Ears! What the heck are we gonna do? :)

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Hi Dan,

Thanks for asking. Unfortunately, what follows is probably not going to be much help to you.

No doubt you're familiar with Champ's four-legged stool? He borrowed that idea from me. How else
to explain the coincidence that we both have four legs? Although my legs are more shapely.

1. Money market

2. Short-term treasuries and short-term CDs

3. A fund that guarantees principal and a base rate of interest and pays additional interest above
the base rate based on inflation. This fund is NOT available to the public. It was part of an early
retirement package.

4. Real estate.

Yeah, not much help...sorry!

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Hey, Legs,

Well, thanks for responding anyway.

Darn. And #3 sounded so good. :)

I wouldn't pretend to have enough stashed away to allow CD or MM rates to help out.
Real Estate is in my unfinished plan so far. I might even stick with some kind of
core stocks and/or ETFs since that's what I'm used to. But MrsRaptor has no interest
in the markets if I should buy the farm.

Thanks and Good luck. We'll miss ya.


let's see, at 1.6% interest, I'll need ... Holy crap! :)
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Will you still post your educational material like "Understanding Growth" even if you retire from active investing?

I hope so, as I have followed you since about 2004 (Hidden Gems) and have learned a lot from your analytical contributions. Would hate to see you retire from educating us too.


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Hi IM,

Thanks for your kind words. I stopped active investing years ago, so nothing has changed.

Hidden Gems in 2004...Simon Raab and Faro...ah, those were the days!
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