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No. of Recommendations: 3 we knew it would right after the election.

Obama's EPA to Farmers: No Ethanol Waiver, If You Go Out of Business, Tough

Battered by a drought, and hit a second time by the U.S. government's artificial inflation of corn prices, many small livestock farmers were desperately hoping that the Obama administration and its appointed leadership at the EPA would agree to a temporary waiver on blending requirements of ethanol in vehicles.

The EPA on Friday echoed the sentiments of big corn special interests saying it found no evidence that "significant harm" would be caused by not granting a waiver. The decision came as somewhat of a surprise [to whom, exactly?]; the decision to side with the well-heeled special interests to push a program that is unpopular and likely will now cost American jobs was unexpected [by anyone who wasn't paying attention].

The auto industry has also vigorously opposed the EPA's decision to bump ethanol blending requirements to 15 percent. They argue that the higher blend will ruin the engines of older vehicles, increasing emissions and forcing consumers to pay for expensive repairs or abandon their vehicles. The EPA has alleged that it knows the science behind fuel blending better than the engineers who make cars, essentially calling the automakers liars.

As long as the EPA didn't call the automakers racist, I'm OK with that. Oh, and by the way, what vehicle should I get to replace my low-mileage, runs-like-new 1996 Acura, which will be destroyed by 15% ethanol? A large SUV seems the only way to go, don't you think?

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fleg:"A large SUV seems the only way to go, don't you think?"

A large SUV diesel...then you won't have to worry about ethanol crap in your gas

VW makes a nice diesel machine....

Should drive those eco-whack types nuts.

You can tell them it is the 'green model' of the line.

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