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err... perhaps there was a misunderstanding... after rereading my post, I see that my use of the 1st person may have offended someone... if so, I apologize.

Let me make clear from the outset that none of my harsh words are directed to 2ndMillion. I know that his intention was to cheer up yesterday's troll infested board (for some strange reason, they were getting too much attention). As you can see, I addressed my message to Mr. Yuben T. Ricked, as a symbolic representative of the hoaxer community (thus, the "open message" bit). He (they) was the one I wanted locked up.

You're kidding Deagol, right?

4aapl, I'm serious... dead serious. Of course, I too came up with some pretty darned hyperboles myself, so that no ambiguity remained about the foolish nature of the prank. This may seem obvious to you and most Americans. However, in the language used in the joke I recognize many of the elements that make it prone to start a chain reaction, especially among those cultures that don't understand what everyone in the US devotes to on or around April 1st. You would be amazed at how exploitable some people are, or the lack of knowledge they have about how the Internet works.

Take anything you read here, i.e. Internet down for maintainance, Karmi going long on Apple, Y2Ken doing something, er, non-Y2Ken-ish with a grain of salt.

ColdCut, no grain of salt will stop it from becoming an annoying chain email if some prankster sends it to everyone in his address book, even if they realize it's a joke, but pass it along as well. Are you going to tell me that you never received the Microsoft-AOL free money hoax, or any other? I'm sure most of those were simple April-Fool-type pranks too, but, all of them? Come on, don't be so conceited. I got it at least 7 times, last time as recently as last year! I was dumbfounded to see that there were some email users that actually swallowed that one... again and again! Some of them promptly heeded the "please forward to everyone you know" demands on any message (just like yesterday's one) as soon as they got one, without even caring to clean up the infinite list of addresses quoted in the message, thus contributing to the spammers' 60 million record databases with my address, rendering it unusable. I guess 2 to 5 years ago the US was in its Internet puberty, and now that we know better, we feel we can joke about it. Instead we should be role models for the Internet undeflowered, who are wary of the myriads of criticism that the Internet now attracts (many times deservedly, but how will they discern the jester from the hacker if they don't feel secure enough to take the plunge?). The joke would be harmless if, instead of the whole thing, it had been posted as a link, as many posters here use to do. If you visit you'll see that they make every effort to give away the punch line. One detail missing from 2ndMillion's version is that Mr. Ricked works in the Department of Prankology, and at the end, the very explicit: ***** Important Note Below - Please Scroll Down & Read! ***** However, they still contribute to the junk mail problem by letting you "email this page to your friends" (as opposed to sending just the link) and also by having a mailing list. But I digress.

Anybody (or person) who believed in that post doesn't have enough "brainpower" to even "boot" never mind "log on" ! !
If they DID believe then they shouldn't be allowed near a computer - - they cost money you know ! !

silco, so what if they don't have the brainpower to log on? Isn't Apple pitching precisely to that type of consumer? Yes, computers cost money, but its their money, and they're giving it to us AAPL shareholders. My objective with that message was to open your eyes as to the true reality of the regular computer user, including many of our beloved iMac buyers. But if they are put off by FUD (even through innocent jokes) and mocked in the way you disdainfully do so, then they won't upgrade, and the slowdown in computer sales growth will continue.

Understand that it is not out of altruism that I'd like to see the homely comfortable with tech. It is out of my own personal interest. You see, besides AAPL, I also own CSCO, ORCL, INTC, and AOL. If someone is led to believe that they should not log on tomorrow, no matter how stupid they may be for believing it, I'm losing money. Of course, sometimes its just plain sad.

Why do you think the TV and the radio are present in every household, and the computer doesn't even reach half of them? And that's only in America. Even the 3rd world is saturated with TVs, but the computer's penetration is less than 5% in some places. Think about it. It's not a dumbed-down interface that I'm asking for. Think of iMovie. All of this reminds me of TMFSideshow's recent putting down off PinzaTodd at

I remember agreeing with some of 2ndMillion comments in the recent Scientist-vs-the-PC thread at, but after reading your posts here, I can see where the IT snoots have gone wrong. They can't miss the chance to look down upon the mainstream user. More power to Apple, they're doing the opposite. irbyj, you were so right further on in that same thread at

I believe it was in Crossing the Chasm that Moore said something like "People who buy a hammer don't want to own, store, and learn how to use a hammer, they just wan't to nail something."


Happy Fool Day

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